Restaurants For You And Your Pup

Published on 03/09/2021

Being a dog parent brings great joy to us all, it requires dedication, observation, and tons of love but what you give is always what you get. However, finding pet-friendly places is sometimes quite a bit of a struggle. Luckily, the world is modernizing and allowing for pet-friendly workspaces, dog parks, and tons of other places and options you can take your pup with you to. Some restaurants have now implemented a special menu for dogs, so now your pet can eat with you instead of you feeding them scraps under the table. These restaurants have a dog section with delicious treats that are dog-friendly and can allow you to have a full mealtime experience for you and your doggo. These are some of the best options you should check out with your furry friend!

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Restaurants For You And Your Pup

Posana Restaurant, Asheville

Asheville is coming to be known as a “dog town.” Due to this Posana is one of few restaurants that developed a dog-friendly menu. Posana has always been dog-friendly but the menu is a more recent addition. They embody a farm-to-table approach even for your pooch. Some of their options include Brasstown Doggie Beefloaf, grilled chicken breast with rice/ grain and bacon soy doggie ice cream treats. Your pooch will be in total restaurant heaven.

Lazy Dog Cafe

This chain has multiple locations on the West Coast and they are totally dog-themed. The restaurant has a fantastic patio seating arrangement which is perfect for families and their pets. Each dog gets a bowl of water and their menu includes a hamburger patty and brown rice amongst an array of other options. This spot is wonderful for families and their furry friends yes, but the attention given to your pooch is something that makes it that much better.

Art And Soul, Washington

Created by Chef Art Smith in Washington DC this spot embodies Southern hospitality for both you and your pooch. The pooch patio menu includes something different for each doggo and their taste, some specials include Peanut-Banana Pupsicles and The Hungry Dawg.

Moss Beach Distillery, Moss Beach

Based in California this restaurant has an incredibly romantic ambiance with its ocean views.  Their patio and fireplace make it the perfect spot for a doggie date, as well as a great spot to watch the sunset. The menu on the other hand includes mini burger patties and their specialty “good dog skirt steak.” A beachfront walk followed by a foodie treat is the perfect outing for you and your pup.

Tin Shed Garden Cafe, Portland

Known as one very dog-friendly city, Portland is home to a gem of a restaurant. Tin Shed Garden even has a night which is specifically for you and your dog- every Tuesday they host Doggie Love Night. The deal is that with every human order you can get a free one for your doggie. Your dog will be eating good here too, chicken, rice and sweet potatoes are just one of the specialties. However, it’s the desert that is the game-changer, you and your furry friend can share.