The Safest & Most Enjoyable Ways To Spoil Your Pup

Published on 12/07/2021

There is a reason why we say that dogs are truly man’s best friend- because they are! Our puppies are our lives. We walk with them, we bathe them, we play with them; we even snuggle with them at the end of a long day. They bring us so much joy and happiness, it only makes sense that we want to treat them every once in a while doesn’t it? Surely there are better methods than simply purchasing a bag of dog treats and giving them one every time they do something good. It’s just a bit boring isn’t it? Well look no further! We have compiled a list of some of the best ways to treat your pup, using creativity. They are completely safe too, so take a look and pick one out!

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The Safest & Most Enjoyable Ways To Spoil Your Pup


A Frozen Treat On A Warm Day

Dogs are not immune to hot weather. Trust us, if you can feel it’s hot, it’s probably worse for your pup. Not only are they fur-balls who can’t sweat in the same way that you can, but some short-nosed dogs like Pugs or French Bulldogs struggle even more in the heat. Not only will a frozen treat be a tasty snack for your dog, but it will also help to cool them down. A great idea would be to stuff a hollow toy with peanut butter and place this in the freezer for a few hours. When the time is right, take it out and give it to your dog to play with. They will have fun, get a tasty treat at the end of it and also cool down easily.

A Trip To The Pet Supply Store

Heading to the pet store with your pup will be a very enjoyable trip, guaranteed. Imagine how you felt as a kid going to an arcade. You’re surrounded by tons of arcade games, toys, prizes, food, treats- the works. Well… this is exactly how your dog feels going into a pet store! They want every single item on the shelves, they want to sniff around, they want to play with other dogs- it’s a fun time. The sights and smells provide mental stimulation and you can even let your dog participate in the shopping. Instead of assuming a gift that your dog would enjoy, you can give them the opportunity to choose out their own toy. If your dog gets used to the same toys, they will become bored, so it is mightily important to add a new one to the mix every now and then.

A Doggy Massage

If your dog is a fan of cuddles, there is a high chance they will also be a fan of a massage! Not only will they help your dog to relax, but they will also ease any sore muscles that they have. The use of soft, sweeping motions across your dog’s body (while avoiding areas that they don’t like to be touched) will send them into extreme relaxation. A great addition to this is that while spoiling your dog with a massage, they are actually training at the same time. Next time your dog goes for a groom, they will be more relaxed when it comes to grooming, nails and brushing their teeth.


Some dogs love water than others. Where some might be drawn to water like a moth to a flame, like a Labrador Retriever, others might be more hesitant. If you have a dog that is a water-loving breed however, they will naturally jump at the chance to take a dip! So this is certainly a perfect way to spoil your dog. Firstly, find a safe body of water, without strong currents, and allow your dog to jump in. They can do this independently and swim around or you can participate with them, by throwing a stick or a ball into the water for example, for an extreme game of fetch! If your dog has never swam before, go slowly with this method. You can also fit the dog with a life jacket to help them with the doggy paddle.

Baking Dog Treats

Dog treats with a twist- baking them! Not only do you get the satisfaction that you prepared the tasty treat that your dog is enjoying, but they will also be a better quality. Tailor the recipe to the foods you know your dog enjoys. Since you are controlling every ingredient, you can ensure that you don’t use any harmful ingredients. If you want to use a new ingredient that your dog isn’t familiar with, it might be a good idea to consult a veterinarian first.