7 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Cat

Published on 03/10/2021

The relationship with our cats is something very special because we share our lives and all the beautiful moments with them full of affection. Here are some tips to strengthen the bond with your cat even further.

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7 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Cat

Respect Each Other’s Freedom

In any good relationship, it is important to give each other the freedom they need. This means for the coexistence with your cat: If she doesn’t want to play or cuddle with you, you should accept this. Your cat’s reluctance has nothing to do with aversion – it may just be tired or not in the mood. Therefore, try to read your cat’s body language correctly and understand their signals better.

Cuddles – Good For The Cat-Human Relationship

If your cat comes up to you and demands tenderness, then just enjoy the moment with her and relax while you lovingly stroke your cat. Return the affection, because cuddling causes the body to produce happiness hormones – this applies not only to you but also to your pet.

Granting Retreats Strengthens The Bond

If your cat is looking for peace and quiet, it is important that it has enough retreats in your apartment or house to choose from. This can be, for example, a scratching post or a simple cardboard box – every cat has its own preferences.

The Right Equipment For A Perfect Cat Home

Regardless of whether as a place of retreat, to play, or simply for basic needs: a cat home only becomes really comfortable for your cat with the right equipment. These include, for example, a cot, bowl, scratching post, and cat toys.

Cats Love Cleanliness

Cats are very clean animals that do extensive personal grooming every day. However, without your support, your darling will not be able to maintain its hygiene standard. It is therefore important that you regularly clean the litter box and brush your cat – your cat will thank you for this. At the same time, you will also intensify the relationship between you and your cat through this loving care.

The Way To A Man’s Heart Is Through His Stomach

This saying is well known to everyone – and it applies to humans as well as cats. So cat food is about much more than just satisfying basic needs. It’s also a way to reward your cat or show your affection. After all, your little gourmet should be pampered just as you do yourself good.

Create Small Rituals

Cats are creatures of habit – much like us humans. Small rituals bring calm into everyday life for them. You probably know it: your cat often asks for food at the same time or wants to cuddle in the evening before going to bed. For a stronger bond with your cat, it is important to consciously practice these little rituals together. You should therefore set up fixed times when you can feed your darling or play and relax together.