5 Useful Tips For New Cat Owners

Published on 03/08/2021

Cats are stubborn, and that’s why we love them! Because even if they are moody, you can get them under control again with these cat insiders.
They have their own mind and like to stick out their claws: despite their idiosyncratic character, cats are by far the most popular pets in many countries. Anyone who has ever embarked on the adventure of a house tiger knows that life with them is not always cozy. But: There is a remedy! We’ll reveal a few tricks to make life with cats even more beautiful – and to defuse many a cat crisis immediately.

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5 Useful Tips For New Cat Owners


Put your cat in front of a culinary challenge: this trick turns a reward snack into an exciting hunt! All you need is an empty shoebox. Cut a few holes in the lid just big enough to hold a paw inside. Now your cat can fish for his delicacy and let off steam in the box.

No More Cat Hair

Yes, we love cats for their fluff factor. On the other hand, it becomes a problem now and then. At the latest when you get up from the sofa and look like your pet in your black pants. If you no longer want to fight the fight against cat hair with lint rollers, you will find cheap alternatives! Special upholstery brushes are not only more durable. Thanks to its larger surface, annoying hair can be removed quickly and easily. If you have to go quickly, and you don’t have an upholstery brush on hand, a rubber glove will do the job. Moisturizes the glove and gently strokes the fabric with it – the fur sticks to the glove.

Travel Relaxed

A Car drive is the ultimate stress test for most cats. If the trip cannot be avoided, a week before departure, but a few “rescue drops” into the water for your pet every day. These Bach flower drops are available in the pharmacy and are especially suitable for animals. They keep the cat from panicking in the car. The next transport is guaranteed to be a relaxed experience for people and animals!

Your Cat Drinks Too Little? Try This Trick!

Are you worried because your cat drinks too little water? This may be because the water bowl is right next to the food. In the wild, cats would never drink water that is right next to their dead prey. The water could be poisoned by the carrion. Just put the bowl in another corner – soon she will rediscover her joy in quenching thirst!

For Fine Noses

If you want to be on the safe side when it comes to bad smells, you should think about this investment: The so-called “Litter Locker” from the pet store is a very special garbage can that hermetically seals the smells of its contents. The disadvantage: The special bags in the bucket are quite expensive in the long run.