The Most Suitable Dogs For Homes With Small Yards

Published on 03/09/2021

Just because you live in a small apartment or own a home with very little yard space, does not mean that you cant own a puppy. Of course, if this is the case it is recommended that you rather opt for a small to medium size dog so that both you and your pooch with be comfortable. Nevertheless, there is a great selection of dogs that would be perfect for tight spaces or small apartments. Keep reading to see some of the adorable dogs…

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The Most Suitable Dogs For Homes With Small Yards


There are several different reasons as to why Pugs make such great pets. Not only are they one of the most affectionate dog breeds but their playful nature makes them a good family dog. Pugs are also commonly known to be smart and observant dogs which makes them quick learners too. Due to their homebody personality, Pugs make the perfect pet if you’re living in a smaller apartment or a home with a small yard. Just beware that Pugs are prone to obesity so just watch out if they become too lazy or inactive.


Don’t let their large, muscular frame fool you. because in actual fact Bulldogs have developed quite a reputation for being massive couch potatoes. These dogs are also quite dependable on their owners and if you have children in your home – even better. Regardless of Bulldogs not loving too much exercise, brisk strolls, or a bit of time out in the yard will definitely do the trick. Another added benefit is that they are low-maintenance dogs so smaller spaces will certainly suit Bulldogs


Not only are these dogs completely adorable but they are born-and-bred companions. One of the best personality traits is that they have the most loving and playful charm about them. The Maltese is a small-sized dog that is great for homes that are on the smaller or minimal yard space. This dog breed is often a very popular choice for people who are living in apartments. Another great advantage of owning a Maltese is that they do not shed so frequently compared to other dogs.

Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon is an ideal pet for owners who live in a small apartment or don’t have a lot of yard space. This small breed dog is lively and highly affectionate especially to its owners – of all ages. Additionally, the Brussels Griffon dogs love to snuggle. Even though they can be quite active they do not necessarily need a huge space to run around but will rather make do with what they have. However, it is recommended that you do take them for long walks every so often.

Japanese Chin

This dog breed is not well known, but take it from us they are one of the very best indoor companions you’ll ever find. The Japanese Chin is a highly agile breed that is often known for its cat-like tendencies, however, with proper training these dogs will easily adapt to any living situation no matter how small it may be. Their small size, friendly nature, and low-exercise needs make them one of the best pets to own if you’re living in a smaller apartment with very little space to roam around.