9 Reasons You Should Have A Cat

Published on 10/14/2021

According to a survey cats are the most popular pets among Europeans. That means: Almost every day singles, couples and of course mums and dads think about what kind of cats they should get for their family. We are happy to help with advice and reasons why you should have a cat.

Red Kitten

Red Kitten

The Cuddle Factor

Let’s be honest, hardly any other animal knows how to stalk you so skillfully and with a similar cuddle factor. If the eyes then switch to cuddle mode, this fluffy overall package soothes body and mind alike.

Purring Heals

It sounds crazy, but it was found out by researchers at the Fauna Communications Research Institute and confirmed by Belgian scientists: The frequency at which cats purr is medically valuable and sometimes has a healing effect on problems with bones, as it stimulates bone growth. This is how cats heal their own fractures too. And if that’s not enough and you want the vet to keep an eye on it, you don’t have to worry too much about the costs thanks to animal insurance packages.

Cats Are House Trained Quickly

Let’s be honest: In a family with two children, in the first few years you spent long enough on the right toilet, and that is okay with pets. Cats are usually house-trained when they are bought or after a few weeks at the latest – small “accidents” excluded.

Easy To Care For

Have you ever seen a cat taking a bath? Here you have your answer. The noble animal takes care of the fur itself. Cats are naturally clean animals. We assume regular visits to the vet and cleaning of the food utensils here. Because we also know: a cat can sometimes take revenge.


Cats are masters at ignoring you when they are not in the mood (no matter what). For you, this means that the level of attention that the animal needs is within reasonable limits.

Long Life Expectancy

Having to tell your offspring of the death of your beloved pet can be a very painful experience. With cats you have the argument of long life expectancy on your side, since animals living in the house live on average 14 years old. By the way, according to Wikipedia, the oldest domestic cat in the world was 38 years old – it was called Creme Puff.

Allergy Prevention

A study by the University Clinic in Kuopio, Finland shows: Children who lived with a cat in the first few years of life have a 48 percent lower risk of developing a cat allergy!

Take Responsibility

This argument is often mentioned high up in all guides, regardless of whether they are about animals or children. Anyone who gradually transfers responsibility for an animal to their child – adapted to their age – creates the opportunity for their own offspring to learn how to handle it responsibly.

Different Breeds

As with dogs, there are several breeds of cats that are better suited to families than others. There would be the Radoll cat or the Siberian cat. Meek, sociable, reluctant to be alone – perfect for the family!