Surprising Ways Your Dog Says “I Love You”

Published on 09/30/2021

Of course, we completely understand just how much you love your dog, however, have you ever wondered if the feeling is mutual? It turns out there are numerous, clear signs that you can look out for to know. Keep reading to see some surprising ways to tell that your dog really loves you.

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Surprising Ways Your Dog Says “I Love You”

Yawns When You Yawn

We all know just how contagious yawning is. But did you know that dogs also share this sensation? Studies have shown that yawning has been proven to be a good indicator of empathy in humans. Meaning that as humans are empathetic, they can sense the yawn in other people close to them. So, yawning is one of the best ways to prove that dogs have a great bond with their human. This is why dogs are more likely to yawn when their owners yawn compared to when they are around strangers.


This may actually seem pretty obvious. However, jumping is one of the easiest ways to tell that your dog is super excited and happy to see you. As this is an indicator of positive emotions, it also allows dogs to get up close and personal with humans. Generally speaking, canines jump because people are taller than them and they want to be closer to you. That way they can give you lots of kisses and eye contact! This behavior is natural for them so next time you see a pooch jump around you – know this is a good sign!

Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact is one way your dog will show you that he or she really loves you. Research has proven that when a dog looks at you in the eyes, its brain releases oxytocin, which is known as the “love hormone” (it’s the same hormone a mother’s brain releases when bonding with her baby). Experts believe that it is important to maintain eye contact when and your furry friend is playing or cuddling. However, do not try to force eye contact or it will make your dog feel uncomfortable. Act natural and if they hold eye contact with you, you know they love and trust you deeply.

Bowing Down

When a dog playfully bows down, it is canine body language that expresses a friendly invitation for you to play with them. Usually, they will bend down on all four, with the chest low to the ground and the backsides in the air. And of course with a fast wagging tail and locked eye contact. Sometimes, if you do not respond as quickly as they like, they will bark at you too. But these are all positive, happy emotions that they are displaying. Dogs use bowing down as a form of communication and are known as playful gestures.

Raised Eyebrows

According to numerous studies, many researchers have found that when dogs spotted their owners, they immediately raise their eyebrows. However, when they encounter a stranger their facial expression is less significant or obvious. So, next time you wonder whether your furry friend loves you, take a look at their eyebrows.